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  1. Hello everyone, these are the patch notes from the first live patch release: - ShinraMeter added to client ( no support from evogn ) - Tera-Proxy added to client ( no support from evogn ) - Client is now fully english - Xigncode3 Removed - Fishing is now fixed - Monster Exp is now reverted to x1 due to x2 being way too fast - Monster drop tweaked (drop count -> decreased / drop rate -> increased) - First Lv70 title fixed - Strange Guild anomalies fixed - Some initial item tweaked - Story and Apex Questchain NPCs name fixed - Increased Adventure points and Adventu
  2. Server/Game Rules 1. Excessive spamming of messages or images is not allowed. 2. Do not harass staff members. If you have a problem with a staff member, please notify another staff member you feel comfortable with so that the matter can be investigated and resolved. 3. Do not advertise other servers in our chat. 4. Do not use any hacking programs or tools on our server. 5. Personal attacks/hate speech are not allowed. 6. Ban or mute evasion is not allowed. 7. The use of botting software, macros, or any AFK killing of monsters is not allowed. 8. Idling during Red Battlefield matche
  3. Hello everyone, I'm happy to say we have finally launched our forums, please do post stuff in here! H0und
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