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Game Rules #1 - Last updated 12/09/2020

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Server/Game Rules

1. Excessive spamming of messages or images is not allowed.
2. Do not harass staff members. If you have a problem with a staff member, please notify another staff member you feel comfortable with so that the matter can be investigated and resolved. 3. Do not advertise other servers in our chat.
4. Do not use any hacking programs or tools on our server.
5. Personal attacks/hate speech are not allowed.
6. Ban or mute evasion is not allowed.
7. The use of botting software, macros, or any AFK killing of monsters is not allowed.
8. Idling during Red Battlefield matches is not allowed. This includes using a macro OR manually moving your character to remain in the match idle. Gathering resources inside of Red Battlefield rather than participating in the match is also not allowed.
9. We reserve the right to ban/mute anyone who negatively impacts the server in any way.

Currently Known Bugs

- Horses purchased from the horse market will show as rented out after purchase. Workaround: Do not interact with the purchased horse in any way, immediately log out, close the game, and log back in and the horse should be fixed.
- Using a Life Skill EXP Transfer Coupon will result in the corresponding life skill exp being deleted and not transferred to the new character.
- The central market is not currently available.
- Bartering does not currently function.
- You cannot hire sailors at this time.
- Ship upgrades (spending materials to turn one ship model into another) do not currently function.
- Transporting items between warehouses is currently not functioning.
- Swapping characters while dark rifts are active will result in the rifts de-spawning.
- There is a visual bug impacting sheet accuracy as well as AP and DP from caphras levels. These stats function but aren't properly displayed on the sheet.
- Tagged characters cannot be untagged.
- Drop filter is not fully effective when using a class who has summons such as witch and wizard.


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